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I must say it is quite hot today, well maybe it's because in an attempt to be both frugal and environmentally conscious my roommate and I have opted out of turning on the air conditioning. Mainly though, it's the frugality. Last night I went to the local open mic night hosted by Touch One and was really blown away by a handful of poets I heard. It never ceases to amaze me the way people's minds can wrap themselves around words in such a breath-taking way.There was so much honesty by some poets and pure silliness from others but that's why I love going practically every week. So I have started a new venture, we will see how this goes...I have been writing a Sci-fi/Fantasy novella. I won't give too many details yet because honestly, who knows how often I may change my mind and alter the plot, just know it is in the works and I am really excited about this!

Since I am a new blogger my posts have been relatively short and somewhat vague but I am hoping to get the chance to sit down and really get into the swing of things soon. There will be pictures and hopefully videos and a lot of cool links for you to check out. Right now though I will leave you with the poem I read last night. I got some good feedback but I would love to hear what you think..good or bad :)

 I think it's stupid when...

I think its stupid when pregnant 16 year olds are rewarded with publicity masquerading as reality,

What’s so real about having a camera crew follow you as you waddle through high school in your third trimester?

What’s wrong with this world we are in?

Revolving around dramatics,

Thriving off of this weeks episode of stupidity,

Don’t miss the season finale of trollops in training!

Oh how easily we allow ourselves to be brain banged

As often as most of the people on television allowed themselves to be banged for a shot.

I think its stupid when children are spoon fed lackluster.

Told to dream big on the days we feel optimistic,

Told to be realistic the next because someone popped a squat on our hopes.

Oh how we are setting them up for failure with all the false success we bestow upon them.

Sure they’ve got the cutest clothes, the sweetest phone,

They’ve also got reckless abandon tied around their little pinkies

And whose fault is that?

Society right?

If you’ve nodded a yes in agreement to this then there really is no hope and whoever did it was right to pop a squat on yours

Society is no beast untamed, it is leashed and controllable,

Thing is there has to be someone to blame when there is no more effort willed to be given to our misfit youth.

So why not blame the masses as we the let the leash slack?

Better than saying we don’t know how to handle it.

I think its stupid when noggin has more of an educational impact on children then classrooms.

Television has become teacher of the year.

Now teachers are struggling to keep a job that some parents don’t even want to pay for,

Hey, cables cheaper.

In the longer run it seems some will sell the future of humanity for an extra zero on a pay check,

Watching as young minds mold themselves around the equation of a -up arrow x-x-y-down arrow

Thumb prints dented with the memory of the days lesson of leveling up

While dumbing down our future.

I think its stupid when no one remembers how to spell simple words like you...

And your.

Oh, guilty I am for short cutting my mental abilities as well with a quick letter c- letter u- number 2morrow

But I know better, does the youth?

Smart phones spell check for them, heck they even read minds and predict what you want to say before you say it.

Advertisement screaming in bright colors why think when we can do it for you!

I wonder will cursive writing (well, handwriting in general) become one of those things people did back in the old days

Our grandchildren’s grandchildren will marvel at the fact that there ever had to be an instrument held between fingers as we loop up letters to write down what we think, how we feel.

Will it all just be computerized abbreviations?

It's already begun, the fall of words...

Omg wtf btw… I’m rolling on the floor laughing at the sadness of it all, well not literally because who actually rolls around on the floor after reading a text or email?

Furthermore how many people actually laugh out loud before inputting an lol in a message. Ok, yeah, I'm guilty.

Still, one more thing to add to the list of things I think are stupid.

But hey, no need to listen to me, I don’t know anything about children or educating them

Or raising them to be well-rounded intelligent beings,

I mean I was only a child once, that probably doesn’t qualify me to judge at all,

Then again, maybe that’s all the qualification I need.

The remembrance of what it was like to feel believed in, to feel taught to be raised mentally not by the television but by the teachers.

Maybe kids today, just don’t know how to be kids because we teach them technology, and central air, and spell check.

I hope I get the chance to teach my children about grass stains, and ice cream trucks, and Goosebumps books and keying in memorized phone numbers to dial friends instead of texting to speed dial and recent lists.

I hope I get the chance to teach them about the beauty of reading and importance self-respect, and dignity.

I would love to warn them that selling their soul for a 60 min time slot of their 20 something year old selves slamming shots and kissing strangers on television is not what most of us call the real world.

Then again, I also have most that stupidity recorded to DVR, we’ll just call it research…