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Perfect Latch

You are a broken latch that once belonged to a beauty of a door, Rusted over

You wouldn't belong there again if you ever cared to try

I see shadows behind your eyes that you confuse with ghosts

Either way something is haunting them.

Your smile is a broken sea shell most would throw back to the sand

But I place it in my pocket all knowing of its value.

Those shoulders of yours often shrug with an uncertainty

And I long to rub the coco butter of clarity onto them

Wish to whisper into your ear an infinite amount of reasons why you should like yourself.

The palms of our hands should tell stories

Yet every time I find my fingertips tracing your lifes lines I see nothing.

Unlock your palms for me so that I may kiss my way along your love line.

Honey, I am no savior but I will do my best to help you save yourself.

Make it my promise that by the time credits roll I will have won you over like every romantic comedy ever made.

Let me be the ink that will write your dreams true,

Or the pillow you whisper your prayers on as you plead with God to bring just one good nights sleep please,

Let me hold you and not the shell of a man you have turned into.

Don't be mistaken, I am not here to fix you,

I just want you to know your value.

You may always be nothing other than a broken latch yet,

I want to be the door you belong to

And you will always be my most beautiful addition.