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It's a creeper and it sucks...

This is my newest poem, I just wrote it today! I asked my cube mate at work for a topic to write about and she explained a current situation taking place between her friends and prompted me to write about lust, how it's a creeper and it sucks...so this is for you Crystal :) A stalker no court order could restrain

Sinking into the thoughts of its prey

Making sure it will have the best view of its corruption.

Thriving off adrenaline heightened heartbeats

And hormones raging riotous.

It is: old man eyes creeping up the thighs of a young skirted girl

And: husbands hand lingering on the back of gorgeous colleague one beat too long

It is: met cute guy at bar-crawl into bed-one night stand

And: I know we're over but can't we just do it again one last time? for old times sake

Has teenage son with hand down pants in front of computer screen

And girlfriend buying batteries at midnight

Turns priests into pedophiles and presidents into liars

Friends into experimenters

And places babysitters on trial evidenced by nanny cam

It is betrayal by carnal desire

Disloyalty and dangerous, all encompassing and undeniable

And as someone once told me...it sucks.