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So I tried something new...I spent one hour last night with no computer, no cell phone, no television. Just me, my notebook and pen. It was definitely easy without distractions to write! I wrote the script for a short that I will be shooting in the near future. YAY! I won't give any details on it yet but I will say that I am planning on doing a lot of videos in the future with the production company I am starting called In The Making Productions. So I have the first project written, I just have to get it filmed and edited now so there is lots of work in store with that. I also Wrote a super short poem as well in the last leg of my hour called Point of No Return, check that out below. And thanks so much for reading, be sure to check back tomorrow for something new! There is something called a point of no return

Once you get there it's too late to change your mind

To stop yourself.

This point means you are no longer in control

I hope you have your seat belt on.

This place is not safe

You will try to avoid it

Yet it is in some cases inevitable

Like heartbreak and death

Your efforts to keep it from happening will be in vain.

Most times you will be smack dab in the middle of this point

Before you even realize it

That's okay, you probably wouldn't have been able to avoid it

Even if you'd seen it coming...