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New Poem!

Hello, so far so good with keeping motivated to do a blog a day YAY go me! So yesterday was the dreaded MONDAY! Ugh don't they just come around too often? Well the great thing about Mondays though is Mega Mix Monday night class with Queen City Dance Out. It got me moving and sweating and it was just such a great time as always! I wish I had a pic to post of the awesomeness but I don't, maybe next week?Moving on...I wrote two new things yesterday! One I will share with you guys the other is a work in progress and is actually a part of all those projects I mentioned I would be working on the past few blogs. So again, go me! for being productive. Here is a poem I wrote, hope you like if you don't that's cool too, creative freedom lives here! Shallow Waters

Energy is wasted trying to swim in shallow waters

Like a heart is wasted on loving those that do not love it back.

Desperation, which I will sugar coat as hope

Keeps you flailing at the edges of his ocean.

Why refuse to see that he is not willing to pull you deeper

Past the point where toes can tentatively touch the bottom?

He knows you will drown.

Yet you believe you have what it takes to tread easily

As if you'll make your way to his Mariana Trench,

Touch the bottom and float back to his surface...

No. He knows you will drown

Knows you are tricked by the calm in his eyes but

Inside he is a tsunami, viewing you as the lands of Japan

He will be destruction,

And he's not willing to destroy anyone

He wishes you and every other woman whose ever attempted loving him

Would realize he's not ready, but

Women always oh so vainly take his rejections personally

It has nothing to do with you!

So stop bathing your insecurities at the seashore of his heart

He's got his own to worry about.

And you, stop standing ankle deep in your own ocean

Once you've learned how deep you go

You'll never be willing to waste energy

Trying to swim in shallow waters ever again.