Old Blog

A lane called memory, shall we?

So I thought I would share with you guys a piece of my past. I stumbled upon a little book of poetry (tried to upload a pic of the little book but computer still hates me) I created that includes poems I wrote between the ages of 12 and 15. Needless to say it all sucks, it's overly dramatic and dark and I could not help but laugh as I read through it all. I was a mess lol. Anyways I thought I would post one of the poems for you to laugh at, I mean read. This one is titled "Silence"

The darkness of emptiness, of loneliness fills the night sky

No moonlight or star shine to calm the anchored soul

No oceans tranquil, roaring waves to stop the intensity of the silence

No comforting breeze to gently caress thine face

Only rough winds that brush against ones cheek and wipes away the lonely tears

There is only silence here. Depressing huh? Yeah that was what I used to write, yeesh. I am glad to say that although my poetry is not all laughs and fun fun time it is def not as bleak as this...I think. Oh well, hope you enjoyed this brief trip with me down the lane of memory. Hopefully I didn't scare you all away...o.0