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It's Sarcoma Awarness month, wear a yellow ribbon!

Okay so it is not my fault there is no post for yesterday...I tried but my computer wouldn't let me. So you know what that means right? No, you don't? Geez, that means you get two blogs today-duh! So what you would have read yesterday goes a little like this (insert random sound effect now!)... Tuesday was the birthday of a friend that passed away last year :( Her name is Chanee and she was such a bright personality to be around. She was 26 when she passed from sarcoma cancer which is a cancer of the tissues. So this past weekend me and the roomie hit the road to head to a birthday celebration for her with her family. It was a lot of fun and a great way to remember her! We went roller skating which is definitely not as easy as it seems from my memories lol. I did NOT fall but I barely skated either, unless you call holding on to the wall skating...yeah, I didn't think so. Anyway the reason we went skating is because Chanee loved to skate, so it was in her honor that I humiliated myself in front of a bunch of rowdy hoochie mama'd 13 year olds. It was fun though, here is a picture of us in our shirts that her sister/my good friend Sabrina made:

So on Tuesday, her actual birthday, we went out to dinner to celebrate in her honor as well, good times with the girls I know Chanee would have enjoyed it!

July is actually Sarcoma Awareness month! So make sure you wear your yellow ribbon and spread the word, this makes up 1% of cancers and it is definitely serious so make sure your friends and family are aware. It happened to Chanee in her early 20's so just be mindful that the unexpected can occur, live life to the fullest!

For more information about Sarcoma visit http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/soft-tissue-sarcoma/DS00601

To see Chanee skating check out her youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/twentyfourkisses