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Hello Weekend

So friday night I got to go to a writing session with some of the most AMAZING poets! Quel pressure! Lol I definitely was intimidated, humbled and awed all mixed into one. It was an awesome experience that opened my eyes to the heights poetry can reach as long as we all stay focused. I also got a lot of much needed motivation to continue pursuing the other avenues I have been tip toeing around i.e. my music, my books and short film production goals. It was all in all a great night and I am so glad to have been invited! Saturday I spent a lot of time working on the editing of the video blog my roomie and I are starting. It's one of the new projects I have been hinting at for the past few posts. So far I am definitely stumbling my way through this process as I am unfamiliar with the newest version of the editing software...contemplated downloading the version I am familiar with but I decided not to let a little video software punk me :)

Well thats all for today just wanted to tell everyone about the AWESOME writing circle I was a part of and keep with my promise to be consistent. Check back tomorrow and I will tell you all about sunday beach trippin with the ladies, pics included!