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Facebook Writing Prompt

I have been working on a lot of different things the past couple of weeks so poetry kinda took a back seat. So today I decided I needed to do a writing prompt to get back into the flow of things. What I did was took 10 random words from the first ten status updates on my facebook news feed and created a random poem. So here goes...hope you like it! Does this generation slumber away the moments we've been handed?

Taking for granted the paths that have been paved from compacted soil to smooth asphalt for us.

We only have to walk them where others had to create them.

Often I question whether it's cheating for my peers and I to be so far ahead of life's game when we've put in no real work...

Well, at least not what would appear to be work by the men and women who sweat, bled, and bent over and over again for the futures sake.

Apparently we've forgotten how to stay grounded to what really matters, mistaking materialism for substance.

We effortlessly walk beyond barriers that had been punched through for us long ago.

As a whole what are we doing for the future?

Well, besides building more nightclubs and creating useless weekend activities that will only cost us more than our children's children can afford in the end.

Thanks for reading! The 10 words used in no particular order: Punched, Apparently, Moments, Question, Does, Cheating, Weekend, Generation, Slumber and Grounded.