Old Blog


Okay, so it has definitely been over a week since I last updated...whoops. But there is a good reason: I was out of town visiting family with zero opportunities to update. But now I am back...YAY! Before I move on I want to warn you that I am about to stray off onto a random tangent for a brief moment...here goes:

Have you ever been asked to to explain why you did or didn't do something and when you do you are told to stop making excuses? Well my thing is this; when does a reason become an excuse? At what point is it decided that the justification is not sufficient and swapped out for the red-headed step child named excuse? Just a random thought that has bothered me since adolescence when I would get into trouble in some form or shape and be asked to elaborate. I could never tell what would be an acceptable just cause. I mean to me it can be a reason but to someone else it's just an excuse and vice versa. How do you feel about it? End random tangent now.

Okay back to the task at hand...as I was saying before I got side tracked is that I went home to Michigan for about a week to visit family. It was fun and I love getting the chance to see everyone :) And the best part for you guys is that I have a few pictures, oh but not just any pictures...I have pictures of young me courtesy of my moms boxes of picture upon picture. Yeah, I thought you may like that so enjoy:

Me on one of my bdays...maybe 8, 9? IDK. Looks like I got what I wanted though!

My cousin and I on our fourth b-day at chuckee cheese...anyone else have a cookie monster cake for their b-day? that was 89' throwback!

Prom 2004, wow can you say pink? I think I was trying to outdo Molly Ringwald or something...who wins?

Well there you go, just a glimpse into my past, maybe once I get more of the pics onto my computer I can post them! Thanks for reading, more coming soon...very soon!