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One Hour Writing Session

So I took an hour today to just write. No interruptions, no phone, computer or music just me and my thoughts. I completed three short pieces that are not deep and meaningful in any way. Just what popped into my head and I went with it. *The first piece I wrote is about the break up I had with the first guy I ever loved. It basically talks about how it felt and how it impacted me afterwards:

Sometimes the ones who've said they love us don't say it as a promise or an absolute

Now I find myself climbing my way back to the higher self esteem and confidence I fell from the moment he said it was over

I took it all very personal. As if the 'us' he said wasn't working out only stood for 'me'

I began to think I wasn't good enough, thinking; how could I be if the man I loved no longer loved me

When he left, I replayed countless moments we'd spent together trying to find the moment when everything changed

How selfish was I that I still to this day can't pinpoint the fleeting moment his eyes didn't light up as usual around me?

Can't visualize the time the extra second of hesitation before leaning in to kiss me began

I always thought if we ever got to a point where we  were no longer good I'd have the time to fix it

But not every clock in the world is in sync and his was a bit faster than I'd accounted for

Now, here I am, asking every man I meet, 'excuse me do you have the time?' hoping we sync.

* This next piece is me being stuck in the past again lol. I was sitting on my bed trying to think of what else to write about since I had like 30 more minutes of time to use on writing and my eyes swept across a picture of some of my good friends and I about four or five years old. And this is what came out:

In the moment, it may seem complicated Give it a few years though and you will Be happily reminiscing about the simpler times

There is a photo on my wall Six friends leaning in Smiling for the camera We look happy

We look like just who we were Young men and women Enjoying life with the people We call friends

I'm jealous of who we used to be At our cores we are still the same But life changes when you grow up We begin to drift

Some becoming parents, chasing new career paths Finding love or losing it Losing touch fading out of focus

We haven't taken a picture like that in a long time Not the six of us I wonder if we ever will and What would I think when I look back on it in the future?

*Thanks so much for reading! There was another one I wrote but I'll save that for another day! Here is the pic I was looking at while writing:

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