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[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VSkYbgxl93Y] The video is a short film by Wong Fu Productions entitled "Shell". Check out all their awesome work

here------> http://www.wongfuproductions.com

The reason I wanted to post this here other than to support Wong Fu is because I believe the question this film poses is unique. I think that the opportunity to create memories either real or made up is one that would probably have the masses split. I think this because some people live for imagination. To those people the ability to recall the emotions and details of something they have always dreamt of or wished for would be, well, awesome for lack of a better word. However, for the realists there is the argument that a memory only matters because you actually experience it. Its goes back to that whole 'if a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it does it really make a sound' idea. If you aren't really there in that moment to live it but you remember it as if you were, does that mean in some round-a-bout way that it actually did occur? Or does it just make you delusional?

Now that I am thinking more into the subject I wonder if people really could do this, how many of us out there would construct new lives? How many people would have a head full of happiness even in the bleakest reality? And lastly, if someone did mold a whole new life just by this method, how far off from crazy would that make them? I mean, schizophrenics have tons of thoughts and memories in their heads that have never actually happened but to them it is real.

I think maybe the lines between reality and what has been added could become to blurred if not watched closely. The pieces that aren't real could do more damage to a person than what actually came to be. For instance, I could order a bunch of happy childhood memories that include a mother and father that are both present and loving. But what good would that do me if those happy thoughts prompted me to phone them? Reality is my father is an unknown variable in the equation of my life and my mother's mental illness makes her hard to reach not matter her physical location.

Or, what if a young man requested memories of an alternate outcome to an accident. What if he remembers never actually falling asleep at the wheel that night eight years ago, that his best friend could still compete in b-boy competitions? When the reality of seeing his friend, paralyzed from the chest down sets in isn't that worse than always knowing exactly what the situation is?

Okay, I feel as though I have rambled on for far too long about this. I just wanted to post this video to support Ted, Wes and Phil who are awesome with their concepts and creativity. Enjoy the video and feel free to tell me your thoughts on the subject.

If you could create a memory, any memory would you do it? What would it be?