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This is  a poem I wrote at an open mic last night. If it seems a little random that is because I actually took ten random titles from my ipod and used them. Can you tell what songs I used? I’m not good at pretending So if I say I love you, I mean it. I’ll mean it enough to turn a cardboard castle into a palace You and I would have a build more wreck less relationship The kind I have yet to hear a love song capture wholly

I’m not good at forgetting So all I’ll ask is that you leave behind any rolling stone mentality There’s no need to be high for this So just let our energy lift your spirit And I promise it’ll be better than all the gin joints in all the world

I’m not good at promises But if I offer you my lovin Know that it’s yours to keep It will smash into you, knock you off balance and catch you all in the same heartbeat So if I say I love you, really, I mean it, I less than three you