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So I am still a little sick :( but getting better! But since I was sick I didn't really have anytime to write a poem or shoot any videos so I thought that I would share one of my favorite youtubers with you. This is throwback 07'  Kevjumba, like one of the first videos I ever saw of his and every time I see it I'm laughing! In this video Kev talks about stereotypes, he talks about chinese people, black people, mexican people etc. Love it! [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nbZ9zJ22WfQ&feature=related]

Watch more of Kevjumba here----> www.youtube.com/kevjumba

Help Kevin give to charity by simply watching his videos on his second page here -----> www.youtube.com/jumbafund

I personally have never felt as though I was targeted for a specific stereotype but I bet I probably have been just like everyone else. It's funny how easily we generalize people and place them into boxes. I know I would fit into the black person that doesn't act black box. I am not "ghetto" "loud" or "angry" which I think a lot of people associate with being a "black woman" (and I pride myself on that). Anyways enough of my rambling on I just wanted to post this video for you guys, thanks so much for stopping by. I promise to have some amazing stuff for you as soon as I am better, get ready!!!

Have you ever had to deal with being stereotyped?