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This year has been a tumultuous one. Up then down then up then down, seriously I don't know what the next cycle will entail but the important thing is that I am here now. I am the most productive as far as creativity goes that I have ever been. In fact, I think I am working harder now than I ever before. As much fun as I am having living the life of an artist, I do need to wrap my head around the next step in life. I am getting older (although I am aware that I am still very young) and there is a certain pressure that I hadn't felt before to make up my mind and to do it right. I think in the past I was more carefree, the future seemed a lot further away than it does now.

So what comes next? That is the question that I have to find the answer too, I can't afford not to.

In other news...

As I stated above I have been very busy being productive. I have been brainstorming hardcore about how to make my Kickstarter campaign for my book incredible. I have been making more instrumentals, running this blog and a few other sites, taking photos, learning about photography so said photos will get better and trying to reintroduce myself into the world of Slam Poetry. It's definitely a lot to take on but I am so happy and eager to see the end results for each project which keeps me motivated.

I hope to continue sharing the progress and end results of  all these wonderful endeavors, thank you so much for reading!