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Poem of the week: 4

So this is Wednesday which technically makes  this the Poem of the middle of the week. Finally I am getting back on track though. This weeks poem is an  older one that I actually just started reading at open mics and slams this year. I just had it laying around and thought...why not. I hope you like it! Feel free to comment! I think I've had too much

Balance becomes a fabricated tale

vision distorts reality

and my native tongue becomes a

foreign language that doesn’t make sense

Feet take trips

leading my body to one way concrete destinations

that house souvenirs for elbows and knee caps

and I think I’ve had too much

Too much sense laxative

that’s left me draped across porcelain bowls purging

every last drop of dignity I may have had left

after that phone call I think I may have made to my ex boyfriend

about an hour ago in the past to discuss other hours in the past

Judgment is a magical illusion

and inhibitions are a myth I stopped believing in about 3 shots ago

when I let what’s his name’s hand slide past the thin fibers of my shirt to cup, coddle and caress my breasts…

I think I’ve had too much.

Too much liquid liberation that has my body controlling my mind

as I make what I will probably view as a mistake when the sun rises but for right now flesh takes lead.

I swear sometimes it seems like I sipped every emotion through that tiny black straw wannabe,

swallowing pain and confusion and doubt so viscous but sweetly disguised as good times.

Felt disappointments scrape and burn my esophagus as they traveled only to land heavily in already upset belly,

and I think I’ve had too much.

Too many libations that find their way coursing through my veins

making my head drown in it’s ocean, eyes droop in defeat as the blanket of sleep needed washes over me

And I slip. Slip under hang over’s spell

make deals with myself to never do this again.

Well, until the next time when I find myself chanting I think I’ve had too much.