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Poem of the week: 5

So this week's P.O.W. is one that I wrote over the weekend when I went to a Poetry Workshop hosted by SlamCharlotte. It was a lot of fun, I learned some cool performance techniques and at the end we wrote a poem using nine random words. Those words were: Stop/Chair/Bologna/Jingle/Rock/Tablet/Gritty/Dysfunctional/CakeHere's what I came up with:

The clock doesn't stop when you need it too It keeps ticking time, passing by Spring melding into summer, fall then winter Jingle bell rock blaring through the speakers Of every sound system in the country.

We never learned how to slow time to a crawl To savor the moments that finally lack The norm of dysfunctional chaos.

Some swallow a tablet or two a day Just to make time elude them completely As if the gritty residue left behind On their tongues will magically save them.

Minds spinning them round and round Because they're medicating the minutes away So much so that it is dizzying But there is no chair around to keep them From hitting rock bottom.

Time does that to you sometimes Flying by months so quickly you can still Taste the remnants of  last years birthday cake In your exhales.

It never stops when you need it too. Never speeds up when you beg.