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Celebrating a new year!

Shamecia opening my gift

So earlier this week was my best friends birthday, well, Monday to be exact. So to celebrate she called on some of her closest friends to go out to dinner. We went to a place none of us had ever tried before called Krazy Fish which is like an Asian/Mexican fusion. Of course before we left the house the birthday girl needed a mini photo shoot to capture how awesome she looked.


In the true sense of a good ole fashion birthday party, Shamecia made all her guests wear party hats. That’s right, the ones you haven’t worn since you were like six at little Shelly’s birthday party. Needless to say, our heads were a little to big to fit the hats in a comfortable manner so the b-day girl gave us creative freedom to wear them any way we wanted.

The drinks were tasty! The food was interesting, not bad but not great. I got chipotle beef tacos with a side of mac and cheese and traded one of my with Shamecia who had pulled pork tacos. It wound up that the food tasted way better as leftovers which is rare.

Soon it was time for gifts and singing! Birthday girl refused to let us sing until there was a candle on her desert but lo and behold, Krazy Fish had no candles! Luckily our server (who was really awesome and even wore a b-day hat too!) came to the rescue and provided us with a flame she could blow out and the end of our song.

Of course mine was the best! Look at that joy:


We had a really great time at dinner, celebrating the life of an awesome person! Of course we would forget to take an actual photo together the whole night what with me playing the photographer. In fact I didn’t make it into a single picture…whoops.

Well I hope everyone has/had great birthdays this year! I’d love to hear about what your favorite way to celebrate is!