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CP Maze

As you guys know I am a poet, I even perform in Slams (Read Diana’s post if you don’t know that is. Last Tuesday I got to join two of my Concrete generation family members CP Maze and Tavis brunson on a little road trip to Columbia, SC. Maze was featuring at a poetry open mic and invited me to tag along. I was really excited to see a new poetry venue, I love the spot I go to nearly every week at home but there is nothing like visiting a place full of talent you have never heard before. When we arrived to the venue I was instantly intrigued. Just the name of the place had me reassured it would be a great night!

Inside this place was so cool, the bar was lit up with pinkish/red lights and the place had all this cool art on the walls. But the best part of the place was in the back where the actual poetry open mic took place. The walls were covered in graffiti, there was black lights and robots hanging from the ceiling…yeah you read that right.

When we first arrived I got to meet some pretty nice people that Maze and Tavis have known since back in the old days of poetry. Everyone was so kind and welcoming, it had the feeling of a reunion of sorts. I got to meet the host and though I thought I was just coming to support I wound up getting signed up on the open mic list. There were a lot of GREAT performances that night. Tavis got on stage and had the crowd completely engaged in his antics. Everyone was laughing and having a great time.

Tavis knows how to pull in an audience!

And towards the middle of the night one of my favorite things from the whole trip happened:

This woman was a beast. She got on the mic at the request of the band to sing Dirty Diana by MJ. Let me tell you this, you have never heard Dirty Diana like this before. It was amazing, she has an awesome voice and energy out the wazoo. I had chills that’s how great she was.




There was a lot of moving around on her part and her voice never wavered. True Performer right there.




Maze of course, did an amazing job with his feature. I kept over-hearing the ladies at the table next to me discussing how much they loved him while he was on stage so I think he did something right!


He is SO good!

At the end of his set at the request of the audience Maze did a freestyle incorporating the words jealousy and anger. Hopefully I can upload the video I took for you guys a little later!

When it was finally time for me to go on I was ready. Not nervous at all like I normally am. I got on stage and performed my America poem the best I have ever done it and it was well received. The rush I got being on that stage is one I hadn’t felt in a while so I was glad to be reminded of why I love being a poet who performs! Plus it probably didn’t hurt that I had already had two Peteys specials before I got on stage A.K.A. the quicker Fu*ker upper.


It was such a great experience, I met new people who are so talented it baffles me. And I learned something about myself as well…I learned that I never stopped loving the art of getting on stage and talking to an audience. I just became overwhelmed and put unnecessary pressure on myself which in turn made me hesitant to approach the mic with the passion I did on Tuesday. Thank you Art Bar for reminding me! This was one of the BEST crowds I have had the pleasure of performing for, their energy was amazing!

Thanks for reading! I’d love it if you guys would tell me what your passions are!