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Getting Fit Finally...Again!

99 days to go!

How many of us have made a pact with ourselves to get in shape, lose some weight  and eat healthy...only to fail (miserably) mere weeks, days or in some cases hours later? This is what happens with me: 1. Something prompts motivation for me to actually start thinking about getting fit.

  • Meeting a cute guy who I'd have a better chance of snagging with less jiggle
  • Dreams of doing the infamous Baywatch slo-mo run down the beach
  • Desire to fit into clothes at ALL the stores in the mall, not just two
  • Okay, this list could probably go on for days but you get the picture.

2. I usually give all my gusto to planning how I'm gonna get fit. I buy a cute notebook, plan out meals and exercise routines, I will count calories and keep a food journal. The whole shabang goes into the thought of losing weight.

3.I put my plan into action. I go strong for a few weeks usually, see some results and then...I treat myself. A sweet snack here, a skipped exercise routine there and before I know it I'm using my handy dandy food journal to doodle and write poems in.



And that my friends is how I continue to not lose weight, get healthy and be in great shape. Of course I have decided to do it all over again, hopefully I won't lose my motivation. One hundred days is the time frame I've given myself. 33 pounds lost is the first ideal weight and comfortably confident with my body is the main goal. 99 days left, wish me luck!