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So I wanted to make a really awesome post for you guys but I have run out of time...eek! I have to go out of time for last minute family business so I probably won't have time to update often but I will be back soon with some great stuff I promise! I have already recorded some poetry videos I just haven't had a chance to edit and upload and of course there will be new music coming next week so I appreciate everyone's patience!  

In other news, my Getting Fit Finally...Again is working. I have been going strong for one week, exercising everyday and controlling portions as well as what I am actually eating and as I result I have lost 3 pounds! It's not a lot but it's a start! 30 more to go, 94 days remain!

Hope you all have a wonderful week! If you want to keep up with me while I am gone check me out on twitter, I'm sure I'll be there often I'm a twitter addict and I won't go to rehab for it. @talichaj