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I haven't been writing much lately, or I should say I haven't been posting what I have been writing. So I thought that I would share a new piece with you guys. This was from a prompt a friend gave me. I won't tell you what it is, you will have to figure out the poem on your own (it's not difficult or deep in meaning I promise). I hope you enjoy, I will try to make more time to post new poems up but I get easily distracted with all the other projects I am working on. Anyways, this poem is super duper short which is how all my poems have been lately, what's that all about? Again, enjoy and thanks for reading! Moments you don't forget 

He smiled And I remembered what it felt like to exist again He spoke, my name sliding from his lips, sneaking like a secret from the warmth between teeth and cheek I imagined I could smell my  name on his exhale

There are moments you don't forget Moments that even make the hands on your clock wish they could turn back time Just to be "there" again This, him, the first time our eyes met- is one of those moments Those moments you always hear about but never experience

His eyes are mirrors that show my reflection in a way I'd never dreamt They tell me I am someone better than I'd ever given myself the credit for I can't help but to wish that they do not lie And if they do, I can't help but to wish that I never see in them the truth.