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Things you should never have to apologize for


Never say you're sorry just to end the argumentDon't apologize for feeling Never take back an action you meant with all your heart & If someone tells you the you owe them an apology you probably do but...

It's tricky business, dealing with what's good for you and what works for others Sometimes the lines blur and become so distorted that they are no longer seen Often times while those lines have vanished from our sight we roam along the other side

The places we were never expected to dwell become the very places we find ourselves in Never apologize for taking an unorthodox journey to find your self , even if in the process you offend someone

I'm not telling you to be reckless and destructive and intentionally tear down bridges with others I'm saying don't feel bad about believing in something even if no one else does I'm saying be true, That scares people; to see someone exceed while being beyond ordinary

It worries them to have the lines crossed, bent and eventually broken But you must never, ever allow anyone to believe that you for one second thought you needed to be sorry for that.

Greatness is often disregarded and even downgraded because it's more than what most are capable of And this society, oh how we love to tear down anything outside of the normal Break the mold, burn it and destroy all the blue prints because you are the only one who can be you And there is nothing to be sorry for about that. Never ever apologize for being yourself.