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FWF: Dreamers


There are two types of people in the world...dreamers and, well...dreamers. Yes, there is a difference.

People dream of becoming great, or one day living a completely different type of life all together. They want to travel or learn a new hobby, become famous, change the world. But not everyone masters the skill of  turning the brilliant motion picture playing inside their mind into reality. Instead they believe that dreams only happen in real life to other people. That's where they mess up. That's where we see the difference.

The people who do not stop fighting for what they want are the ones who make it in this world. They are the ones you read about, study, wish to become. They were once the types of dreamers who simply dreamed and that wasn't good enough to them. So they went out there and they worked hard at being the person they had spent nights hoping to be in the day time.

What will it take for you? For me it, it was watching the people around me making the moves inside the worlds they belonged in. It was hearing about the choreographers who were inspiring other dancers by teaching. It was reading about the tours poet's and musicians were going on and it was seeing how happy they were. Even when the hours were long, the promotions were tiresome and the flights nearly unbearable, they loved it.

I wanted that. I don't quite have it all just yet, but I'm working really hard to get it. I say that to say this; it's never too late to allow yourself to be happy, do what you love. Show dreamers everywhere how to be better at dreaming...

So that was my contribution to the Free Write Friday prompt by Kellie Elmore. I know it's not a cool story or over the top awesome poem but it's what came out. Hope you enjoyed! Until next time!