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FWF: Love


Ello loves, thanks for checking in this week! I am a bit under the weather today but I didn't let that stop me from participating in the FWF writing prompt from the Magic in The Backyard blog. Hope you enjoy this weeks task, and hopefully what I wrote makes sense, (keep in mind i am sicky icky). So this week Kellie Elmore gave us this prompt to work with:

Write about something you love. Sounds easy, right? Oh but wait, here is the catch… You must write about something you love and it must be something you can hold in both hands BUT WAIT, there’s more… You cannot tell what it is. Yes, you read that right… I want you to pretend I already know and describe why you love it so much. Convince me to love it too. Go deeper than what it looks like, tell me how it makes you feel when you use/hold/see/ it. Be as abstract as you wish, just be sure to leave us guessing! I anticipate some great discussion/comments for these entries!


Have you ever been lost, not took a wrong turn into abandoned woods with dilapidated shack in the midst of a thunderstorm kind of lost- I mean the kind of lost you can't google maps your way out of even with the best cell phone signal possible?

Well I have, and I've found something that helps find me from time to time. It acts as a guide to show me what paths I've already explored, and warns me about the ones I probably should never go down again. It reminds me that you never truly lose yourself, you just detour away from the most familiar places within you sometimes.

It is the best at advising me in tough situations, and I always confer with it before making the biggest decisions because honestly, when you're in the middle of being lost you don't always make the best choices. I trust this thing because it tells more truths than I could muster the strength to on any given day.

We share memories, so when I forget something important like how to laugh or why I should be happy it reminds me. Puts the good things back into the fore front of my mind to ease it. We've got our share of secrets too but I don't ever doubt that they will be kept, it's called trust.

There are so many materialistic things that don't matter, I have house full of them but this one item has so much importance. If you have one, which I'm sure you do, you know. You know that there is nothing better than the feeling of its weight in your hands the moment you pick it up. It's reassuring and necessary. Let yours find you too.


Well that was my contribution to FWF! Hope you enjoyed, have a great day! Don't forget to comment, like and share please! Thanks!