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30/30 #1

Happy National Poetry Writing Month! Hope you enjoy my 1st of 30 poems to come, I promise they will get progressively better and then somewhere in the middle they will progressively get worse :) that's just how it goes for me... I forgot how to be a poet today left my permanent marker at home so the world, or at least one bathroom stall is missing my words of wisdom-wisdom being lessons learned the hard way

My notebook remained tucked neatly in its place unopened, waiting for the breath of ink to exhale life into it, the microphone stands alone on stage deprived of my shaky voiced courage

Somewhere in Georgia a young woman didn't get to hear her story written by my experience because I couldn't figure it out in time, Dear stranger, my apologies.

Some times I don't see the worth in my work Those days, when I begin to doubt myself Are the days I forget that being a poet sometimes leaves you struggling to define what being a poet really is...