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30/30 #2

This is for day two of the 30/30 challenge. I know I'm a few days late posting it but I wanted to show that I was participating, day 3 and 4 will be posted soon too!  I originally wrote this for an image that I'd found online but I accidentally deleted it and can't find it anywhere so...uh yeah, whoops. Enjoy! Beauty

The contrast between the tangible and intangible in this world is sometimes vast and daunting, always willing to remind us that there are some things that are naturally perfect, beautiful and breathtaking while we struggle to capture a tiny slither of it. We build, cut, smooth, mesh together material the world has given to us, trying to create our own wonders. Constructing the most zealous buildings, devising new paths to take other than the ones provided. The crossover between natural beauty and what is man made is sometimes so obvious it's startling, And sometimes  what we create brings nothing short of  awing.