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30/30 #3

Mostly, expectations only lead to disappointment.At times you will find yourself so let down you would think you'd hit rock bottom. Everything you tried so hard to work at feels like a waste because you get sucked into thoughts like 'what's the point?' or 'why'd I even bother?' We allow ourselves to become swept up in the thoughts of how things ought to be, So set on planning and then executing said plan that we fail to take the experience for what it is...experience. We are all prone to making mistakes, some more often than others, some more publicly than most, Either way it all comes down to how we handle those moments. Will we be able to look beyond what we always assumed would be? If not, then no one other than ourselves is to blame for failed expectations because the only thing we should ever expect is to never give up, give in, or give less than what we each deserve... That's just a thought.