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FWF Writing prompt/ 30/30 #15

So I have finally got the chance to participate in the amazing Kellie Elmore's FWF writing prompt again! YAY! So excited. This week she posted a picture and requested we just write what comes to us from it. Hope you guys enjoy what I came up with, I feel so rusty even though I've been doing the 30/30 @.@ Speaking of, this poem is not really #15 it's number 20 but b/c I haven't put up the rest I just decided to...eh nevermind, that explanation was about to become way too detailed...I will post the remainder of the 30/30 poems leading up to today as soon as I can :)

The Road Not Taken We've all got a million roads to choose from some days Where one bends smoothly into the next, the other juts off in a seemingly disgruntled manner, Demanding the soles of your feet to play truth or dare in its dirt, Do you dare to tell the truth? To choose one given over another? This life we put so much into can be fickle It can present us with what we think we need just to pull it out from beneath our toes Coaching us to pull ourselves back up again and keep it moving, Because in the end isn't that what life is about; Moving? Keeping up with friends, family, love, change... These are all roads we are meant to travel. When one appears blocked we often bypass it, assuming the blockage is meant to keep us out Don't be fooled, those are the roads you want to travel, the ones you need They don't come as easy as the others, require a bit of work Come with all types of cause for doubt by the lack of foot traffic That's because they are waiting for you, they are yours and yours alone Until you come to them they wait, hidden beneath the stars Hugged tightly by the underbrush, they lay still, Far from the proverbial forks in the road. Do not seek them out, they will be found when it's time to be discovered, Don't you love that moment of clarity that just appears as if out of nowhere When you least expected it but exactly when you need it most? That will be those roads, they will come to you. Until then, take the roads you have uncovered and memorize each bump along the way Learn every curve, dip and dead end they have Make the most of them all, because no road no matter how short, or seemingly a pointless detour, is put in your path for no reason at all, they all have purpose. When you need guidance just look to the sky, hold out hope that the sun will Smile it's rays to point you in the right direction, Even if its not there, hold out hope that you can handle whatever path you decide, because you can.