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30/30 #16

regret is merely a gunit's there for you to hold on to you can feel the weight of it pressing into you the coldness of it seeping into your pores.

the bullets inside it are what pierce though, sadness, doubt and panic are what tear holes into lives leaving gaps so wide its hard to imagine what its supposed to look like.

the hands that load the bullets into the gun are what fire though, they don't let the trigger resist as their finger pulls back Palms warm and itching

The mind that commands the hands to load the bullets into the gun is what kills though, It premeditates demise The mind is what holds the control Don't psych yourself out by allowing regret to be a weapon Let life happen, good or bad or stuck within the gray in between, let it be Take each moment you wish you could change and turn it into a life lesson not a life sentence Breath deep and let go.

Remember that there are hundreds of moments that make up who we are One bad, sad or terrifying one does not make up our entire being Regret is merely a gun, do yourself a favor by never loading it in the first place.