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30/30 #18

He said the number one regret of the dying is that they don't live their own life, they weren't living authentically.Our ability to dream and hope is the chain holding the key to our happiness So many souls are kept bolted behind closed minds Excuses taken to the grave for the "why not's" and "how comes" Do you really want to die with the regrets you lived for?

If you love anything in this world, be true to it Music isn't made by listeners Art isn't created by admirers Dance isn't made by an audience They are all products of creators, people who let their love become more than a nightly intermission Be the best thing that's ever happened to yourself by allowing yourself the freedom of opportunity

Don't let thoughts of discouragement jade you Fear nothing other than what will happen if you don't try Take no as just an answer not a testament to your abilities Only use negatives to prove your passion for the positives Using can't and never to remind yourself that you can't give up That you'll never be the reason you weren't the dream in the flesh

We all have promises to ourselves penned across the insides of our eyelids Most of us just take them for granted So used to them being there that we barely see them anymore Don't ignore your dreams, if you don't fight for them who will?