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Sicky icky

Chills runHead throbs Throat protests air I'm fighting an unseen battle within Mind wondering if I'm winning...doesn't feel like it.

Longing takes over Begging body for bedtime, though life interrupts. Challenge of work versus sick in full fledge attack mode. Sleep I pray for, sleep I feel myself craving Just to lay my head on a soft pillow, eyes closing, body finally getting the rest it yearns for.

I am weak, strength beckoning me, Taunting when I think a brief burst of energy means wellness. No medicine has entered my system yet, and it shows. I'm too tired to even think of shopping for relief after work. After hour after hour has passed I'll simply rest, Hoping sleep will come easy, please.

Hey guys, I know I've been away for so long, and then when I do return I bore you with a poem about this silly cold I have... My apologies! Hoping to have something good for you, just gotta get well! Thanks for reading!