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Free Write Friday

Once upon a time there was a young woman plagued by student loan and other miscellaneous financial debts. Every day her phone would ring and ring...and ring, her voice mail box would be filled with nothing but strange voices demanding she dial some 1-800 number or else. One day she actually answered one of the calls from the billion agents desperate to talk to her. Because of that she was able to discuss her options, update her personal information and convince them that she'd send in a money order to them as soon as possible. Of course the last part was a lie. Because of that lie her phone rang slightly less than usual as one hound had been thrown off her scent momentarily. Seeing the impact this untruth had, the young woman decided to answer the other collectors calls, giving them all the same lie story. Eventually her phone never rang, she had brought herself some time! She began to relax and not be so paranoid about listening to her messages. Until finally, the inevitable occurred...the phone rang, with an unfamiliar number that she'd let go to voice mail. Her old pals were back at it again, hip to her game they picked back up with their relentless game of phone tag. The young girl is still looking for her prince to magically erase her debts...