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It's Hump day...

Which means Haiku time! Yeah yeah yeah, I know it's been about a month since the last hump day haiku, sorry guys. I wish I had a better reason than I do. But honestly I have not really been much in a writing mood lately. But I'm going to take the advice I gave a fellow writer, and that's to keep writing, even if I think it's crap and I decide not to share I should still write. So here I am writing today. Hopefully it's not to bad since I'm a bit rusty with the words these days :) Sometimes life has no logic behind its actions,sometimes it just is

I think this haiku came to me because I've come to realize there are often moments that I try to pick apart and make sense of but wind up never finding the answer. And that's okay. Sometimes things just happen. And as optimistic as it can be to say that 'it happened for this reason or that' I think a lot of times it's just something that happened because it happened. There is no need wasting time and energy trying to put a meaning behind it if it isn't obvious in the first place. I don't know if I articulated that the best but like I said I'm a bit rusty with my words right now. Anyway, hope you enjoyed this edition of #HumpDayHaiku thanks for reading, see you here next week!

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