Old Blog

Those Lies

I've been believing those lies again the ones that are told to us before we are old enough to know what they mean

the ones they poured into our bowls of milk and cereal

while saturday morning cartoons played in the background

on old heavy box shaped televisions with rabbit ears on top

I've been living those lies again

the ones that were read to us at bedtime when there was still time to mold minds

the ones they painted perfect with pink dresses  and white horses

that made young girls believe they were princesses who needed knights to protect them

I've been sitting by my window waiting for the prince society promised me but it all just leads to more waiting

I've been telling those lies again

the ones where I say I'm sure, I'm positive, I know what I'm doing in life

the ones that are the right answer to the probing questions no one really wants to know the answers to.

And people will commend me for being so strong and independent and I'll let them believe that it's easy to be this way

There are not really any lies though, just skewed versions of what we want to see as truth

So I guess those lies are okay, right? As long as we don't tell ourselves the truth...