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Leg day!

So today was a good day! (well so far, it's only 2:30p.m. at the moment) After suffering through yesterdays rest day I got to get back into action today. I am really getting addicted to working out daily so yesterday I actually felt a little off because I wasn't being so active. But I understand the importance of letting your muscles and body rest and so I didn't do anything other than my 95 squats for squat sept. Today on the other hand was a new day, Leg day to be exact. Check out what I got done! 5 reps 20 Leg presses 60lbs (see that 10lb increase from last leg day!)

5 reps 20 calf presses 60lbs

5 reps 10 lunges

5 reps 20 squats (1/2 regular 1/2 plies)

5 reps 20 jumping jacks (First time doing JJ in like 2 years, I actually like them!)

1 rep 30 sec wall sit (FAIL)

2 reps 1 min wall sit (BETTER)

2.5 mile walk/jog intervals (preparing for monday's long jog of 1.5 miles no breaks!)

look at that glisten! I feel so much happier having gotten some movement in today. Wish I had time to do more but I have to get ready for work.

How did your workout go today?

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