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The waiting game

waiting games... you never realize the rules

until it's too late.

don't comprehend you're playing

prior to figuring out you're losing.


So much lies at stake

when you put faith

in anything other than

what you've created.


We give our time so effortlessly

to those who've promised us with only words

when we should only trust our seconds,

minutes, hours, with those

who have promised us with actions.


We lounge on expectations

as if they are meant to support the weight

of our hopes

unaware of how fragile the spine of

intentions, no matter how pure

really are.


you've felt it too before right?

that pang of pure disappointment

the one that reminds you there was something

you wanted, you waited for

that is no longer yours.


it's all just a part of the waiting game.

you wait and wait and wait for something

that never comes,


You don't win by just sitting there

you win by remembering

what it is you are waiting for in the first place

you win by believing what is meant to be

will be as long as you are willing to go after it.


Never forget what it is that drives you

that has the power to propel you forward

while simultaneously keeping you in place

That is how you win.

At everything.