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For those of you who think you cannot endure your fitness goals...

You can. I am so very excited to say that I have finally reached fitness goal number one of running for 3 miles non-stop! Pace was a bit slow still at 13 mins 14 secs per mile but I'm still happy!

Seriously though, in mid-August when I first began I never would have thought that I would actually make it this far. But I put in the work, kept at it, exceeded my own expectations and completed goals. In the beginning I couldn't even do a quarter mile without walking somewhere in the middle and now I'm doing 3 whole miles with no walking or slowing down. It's amazing what our bodies can do when we push them isn't it? I'm still about three pounds away from where I wanted to be at the end of this month but I couldn't care less. I'm so proud of my body for building up strength and endurance and even prouder of the mindset I have gained which is allowing me to not give up on these goals.

If I can do it, so can you. Set a goal. Give yourself time. And pace yourself. Don't give up on yourself. That's all it takes. I hope you are all out there making awesome progress! I will do a full stats update tomorrow for you guys...maybe I'll even include a progress picture...maybe :)

What are your fitness/weight loss goals?