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So I went on a cruise last week and it was a ton of fun! Here's a bit of what I did: 20121217-173307.jpg

My sis and I played bingo on the first night, there was a $300 dollar cash prize!


You had to get an x on your card to win instead of the traditional diagonal and I was one away from winning...sooooo close!


before we became bingo losers


I still managed to get a bit of working out in since they had a full gym and an outdoor running track on the top deck. I had no idea how long the track was but figured it was .25 miles for one lap, turns out it was .43 miles around which means I did almost double the distance I thought!!!

20121217-174323.jpg One of my favorite things about being on a cruise ship is that they make your bed for you. AND they leave cute little towel animals for you!


when we reached our first destination, Belize, we went crystal cave tubing in the same caves that Mayans used for shelter... And human sacrifices. Def didn't know that beforehand lol


All through the caves were shimmering where we'd shine our lights. It was really beautiful! There were bats inside the caves as well (ew) but surprisingly I wasn't bothered by that...the woman behind me on the other hand was quite torn up about it as she kept squealing and squirming about. It was really hard to get pictures inside though :(


My sis sampling some of the desserts. Cruises are the devil when you are trying watch your sugar intake, I swear I ate so much sweet deliciousness! 20121217-175915.jpg

Our next stop was Cozumel. It was such beautiful weather despite the threat of rain. What did we do in Cozumel you ask?


If you guessed snorkeling you guessed right! This was definitely an adventure as neither of us have ever been before. It was AMAZING! So beautiful underwater! And our instructor was so gorgeous, he was so patient and nice and...yeah I'd go back to Cozumel to snorkel with him in a heartbeat!!! Lol


Such a fun adventure!


20121217-183819.jpg Well that's if for now, I'll a gallery later on with more pics!!!!