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The Crush

I often steal glances at him, hoping to memorize the curl of his eyelashes and the contour of his face. He catches me tonight, and for the briefest of moments our eyes are locked and it happens, that cliché heart stutter and my breath escapes me as if an alarm has been triggered calling for evacuation.I feel the warmth of embarrassment wash over me as we both look away quickly. Once I find the courage to look up again he is gone.

The thing they don’t tell you about becoming an adult is that you still have the ability to feel every bit flustered and giddy and insecure around a guy/girl you like. Crushes don’t stop happening just because you’ve graduated, and for me at least, they never get any easier.

The next time he catches me peeking he makes a silly face then smiles. I return his smile and laugh, while my heart does that crazy thing hearts do. This time I look away first.