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Those moments, poem 10/30

Hey guys! So here is my poem poem for 30/10. I may post a few of the other 30/30 poems later but for now this one will have to do. Hope you enjoy!!!

Those Moments

Sometimes we have to do things we’d rather not,
pay money we’d rather save,
speak words we’d rather think
and vice versa

Often times we have to make difficult decisions,
that alter our lives permanently,
with no prior insight to whether the consequences
will be positive or negative

We all have these moments
that place our backs against life’s wall
where it gets a little harder to breathe,
and near impossible to see clearly

The optimists out there will tell you these moments are only here
to make you stronger and a better person in the long run,
they will spout clichés and quote dead poets’ words of wisdom…
In short, they’ll annoy the crap out of you.

Listen to them.
They either speak from a pure heart with good intentions and well meanings,
Or they’re speaking from experience because they’ve been there,
inside of the very moment you find yourself within

Maybe they just know.
Sometimes we have things we’d rather not do,
but we do them because life is unpredictable
and to survive we keep moving, keep breathing, keep doing.