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New Poem! They did it beautifully

He was a firefighter who fell in love with a flame, he watched her burn because she did it beautifully

It didn't matter that she took the walls down with her, He didn't  mind that her fingerprints were ash,

Her eyes were smokey, they often left him choking for breath, with her he didn't care about the lack of breathing easy as long as her flames kept flickering as long as her limbs kept dancing while the wind kept feeding her hungry

She was a flame who was tired of always burning everything she touched while never truly touching anything

She knew what he was supposed to do to her but he never did it. Always wound up fanning her, fueling her instead

He made her bigger and brighter than she'd ever knew she could be and it scared her to be so free

She was a flame who fell in love with a firefighter, She watched him watch her burn and he did it beautifully

He watched her burn. They did it beautifully.