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Free write friday! "The box"


Welcome back to another awesome free write friday by the lovely Kellie Elmore! As usual I am late with posting this but better late than never eh? Enjoy!

The prompt:


The attempt:

I am the world on the day Pandora's box was opened All the bad there is seems to gravitate towards me Like a siren beckoning its prey the negative pleads its case with my heavy heart Unhealthy thoughts become a plague Destructive behavior burdens my every movement And I find myself covered in all that is wrong beneath this sun But I hear I can save myself before it's too late, Hear all I need is a bit of hope to fight back The core of me is still pure, inside I am still whole and so I'll fight from there, that place within. The parts of me that haven't been damaged in a wreckless war will remain strong. I won't let the bad reach that point,  though I've got a  feeling there's enough good and hope within me to overcome...