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New poem! "The scenic route"

image It was an honest mistake. I got lost, must have taken a wrong turn, or maybe I just missed it altogether.

I didn't mean to walk right into loving you. Granted, I should have known by the way I stumbled gracelessly into your life as if on stilts traipsing across the ever-changing landscape of your world, gravel here, cobble stones there, never consistent and yet always inviting to the curious side of me, yes, I should have known I was going the wrong way.

You were the scenic route everyone was too busy to travel. The most magnificent point of view I've ever had. Darling I promise you, it wasn't all bad,

Its just sometimes we had moonless nights where it would be so dark that I could see everything, and it scared me how open you were, no stop signs, no solid white lines to heed me warning that I may be overstepping boundaries.

I was used to men who wore guard rails across their chests. Every single time, I crashed before I got anywhere close to their beauty. But with you, so vast and unguarded there was an infinite amount of possibilities, and you were brave enough to allow me to explore.

Yet I was too afraid to afford you the same opportunity. I didn't know what you would find if I let you in completely, I could only picture myself as a short forgotten path leading to a dilapidated house, broken and in disarray. Babe, you deserve a better world than I to travel.

My heart often begs my feet to take me back to you, to fall into step oh so gracelessly once again, but I've got an adventure of my own to take first, I've got a view I have to work on for myself and I've got to build a road worth travelling for you; your scenic route.

so this poem was written for a prompt I saw on this blog: Flash Writing to use "it was an honest mistake" as the opening. I had a lot of fun writing this poem. It was definitely something that I wasn't expecting to write but I'm glad I did. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed reading, make sure you like, comment, and share if you can! Thanks and see you guys next week!