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New Poem!

image There's always a part of them touching the other, Maybe its his hand cupping hers beneath the table in the deserted restaurant in the hour of in between where no one comes or goes. The way she lays her head on his shoulder or how he sits turned towards her so their knees are kissing. Their lips become jealous so he leans in for a quick peck.

They share laughs at something that only they probably know the joke behind, And I am envious of them, Of the ease at which they coexist inside this world together.

They're both lucky to have one another to look at with passion tlhe way they do, It's beautiful.

I want to tell them it doesn't matter that they're young, probably still in the beginning years of their college days, But what they have is real even if it doesn't last forever. The way they hold each others gaze tells me it's worth the pain of not making it.

Then again what do I know? They could be soul mates destined to be together beyond the graves...