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FWF! Words

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Words What is it? What ties me to you holding me hostage in the basement of your eyes? I'm afraid of the darkness they wear. I'm afraid of the way I bring them light, but I can't turn myself off around you.

You claim I can walk away but we both know there is no place but inside you that I belong. You bite your lip and furrow your brow the way you always do when you think I'm talking crazy but I'm always talking crazy I'm always pacing around my words with your eyes following each of them to make sure they mean what I say. Do I mean what I say? Do I mean that I want you to let me go?

Freedom has a million different reasons at 2 a.m. when you're sleeping and I'm sitting at the edge of the bed waiting for you to notice that I never managed to drift off. I'm waiting for you to wake up and kiss me. Waiting for you to push all the syllables I've been stashing between my cheeks out of hiding with your tongue, swallow them so you can keep me safe, only don't take them all, I'll need something to spit back at you once you've finally realized that I never meant what I said. I never meant what I said.

yay for another amazing prompt from the lovely Kellie Elmore. Make sure you check her out!