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New poem!

If he only says he misses you at two in the morning,What he really means is that he misses her, only he can't find the words for her the way he can with you.

Where she was a forest fire that burned the only home his heart had known, you were a refuge, a safe house that took him in and tended to his wounds. He didn't mean to stay so long. You just make it easier to pretend he's forgotten the way she held him when you trace your fingers along his bared flesh.

His vision of her smile fades oh so slightly when his eyes roam across the vast expanse of supple skin you expose as you sprawl across the bed. Each kiss he trails from neck to breast to navel makes the taste of her on his lips dull just enough to enjoy your flavor.

But he can't get over her, won't forget her, even though he knows he won't ever find his way back to the path they once shared because she burned the only bridge back.

You try to tell yourself you understand the notion that he'll never truly belong to you, but your heart doesn't listen. It refuses to believe he could be so far away when the warmth and weight of him find their way inside you each night. His kisses linger on your body hours after he's left you sleeping in the middle of your dream, no note, but you know he'll return same time next night.

You can feel it coming, the fire beginning in his eyes, He's turning into the flames he fled from bringing them towards the haven he hides within, unaware of how he will scald your heart.

If he knew, I'm sure he'd work out how to stop it, but we never see it coming, the way we can destroy others, its never on purpose, just comes with the territory.

But you know. And still at two in the morning when he says he misses you but really means he misses her, you'll simply pull him close allowing him to kiss you with lips that scorch and a tongue that taste like the "I'm sorry" he will one day tatoo in the crook of your neck.

One day, when it's long been too late he'll realize he missed his chance with you.