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Personal Space haikus

So I came across a couple of haikus about personal space I wrote back in 2010 at a workshop hosted by Respect Da Mic (my former slam team). They made me chuckle a bit so I thought I'd share them with you guys. I can't remember the exact prompt but I believe we had to write about something we felt strongly about so I picked personal space because I HATE when people invade mine. this was the result: Personal space: in motion even objects in mirror do not appear closer than you...reverse!

Personal space: interactions of the 3rd kind Allen invasions are more welcomed than your foul breath invasion.

Personl space: a love tail when they said keep close to ones you love, I don't they meant stalk them. Fail!

Personal space: therapy needed I'm not claustrophobic until I see you cuz you cause rooms to shrink!