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The prompt: The year: 2063 The place: An underground bunker What’s going on?

The attempt: What the reversers did

It's been nearly thirty years since opposite sex marriage was outlawed in America, or as we call it now, the Un-United. These days you marry a man if you're a man or you marry a woman if you're a woman, no other marriages are acceptable, those are the rules. Decades ago, a rebel group called the reversers made it their mission to undo a lot of what the major policies of America were. For a while men were not allowed to vote. White people were forced into slavery for few years in one southern state. And all the borders were shut down, so no one could enter nor exit without threats of execution. The whole traditional government was overthrown just to prove a point.

My husband Lucas and I were newlyweds at the time the reversers were becoming well known. At first it began as small protests that were peaceful and preached equality and freedom amongst all groups and individuals. However, like flames on fuel it began spreading and becoming something much bigger. All across the country people bought into the reversers stance on equality. Eventually their leader was elected as president. Many of the most important people, lawmakers and such, were reversers. It was great for the first term, then all went to hell in one election that really could have went either way. Everything that had been done positively in the years before was overturned when a new reverser rebel came into office. He changed the way we were all living to show those who were initially against across the board equality just how life with certain restrictions could be stifling. To drive his point he punished everyone not just those who expressed disdain with freedom for all.

Here we are thirty years later still being taught those lessons in the harshest manner. At first Lucas and I managed to remain together after our forced divorce by traveling from state to state claiming to be siblings just so we could rent living quarters during the first part of our lives together. There was a lot of underground stuff going on, new identities and such but that's a different chapter. Eventually it became tolerable for opposite sex relationships to exist. We were not allowed anything more than civil unions. Today, the country is still in shambles. We heard that there is a new rebel group out to right the reversers wrongs, but we don't care to buy into any other potential false prophesies. We moved underground about five years back. There's a huge community that resides in bunkers beneath the city. Here in this space we are all free to live how we choose. Lucas and I are happily married, same sex AND opposite sex marriage are welcomed and acknowledged here. There is equality amongst all who make this sanctuary their home. We only hope one day the rest of the country and eventually the world will adopt our views. Until then, we do what we must to live and love the way we so please.

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