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The alternative. FWF!

The prompt:

Credit: Tumblr

It’s high noon. Sun blazing. You awake in a field and birds are pecking your skin… GO!

The attempt:

The alternative

I awaken. sun beams. sweat beads drips, pools around me.

Eyes dry mouth dry lungs coated with dirt and nature.

Flesh is pulled pecked, pinched between beaks of birds that take turns circling.

I am left for dead after struggle for life he told me to get out so I did.

In the middle of the night when it's dark, grass is cool the dirt is a welcome home mat in contrast to his brash voice booming in economy rental car.

In the middle of the day when it is bright grass scorches dirt strangles in comparison to his brash voice booming in economy rental car. I think I'm bleeding I must be but I don't care. I'm bleeding. I'm alive. He didn't kill me. I'm alive.

The birds are pecking and the sun is blazing and the dirt is choking and I'm bleeding. He almost killed me. But he didn't kill me.

So the thing about free writing is that it's completely random. You never know what exactly is going to come out. For some reason all I could picture was a girl, laying on the ground in the middle of a field being poked and prodded and yet she was not afraid. She gave off the vibe that she would much rather be here than her alternative. I imagined that for her this was the life option of "life or death." She escaped something horrific and as a result she did not find fear or even anger or annoyance at her present situation. She took it as "hey, I'm alive, maybe one day this will make a funny story when it's all over." Anyways, I don't know if it will make sense to anyone and I probably shouldn't have spent so much time analyzing and breaking this down lol. So...yeah, I'm gonna go now! Follow me on twitter to keep up with all the latest @talichaj and make sure you also follow the lovely Kellie at @Kellie_elmore